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Financial Benchmarks
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*AgFA Benchmarks

*Farm Financial Ratios and Benchmarks - Calculations and Implications. Developed by Dr. David Kohl, Agricultural Economist, Virginia Tech University. Modified by Greg Blonde, Waupaca County UW-Extension Agricultrue Agent. March, 2009.

*Farm Finance Scorecard. University of Vermont Extension & CFFM, MN / Becker, Kauppila, Rogers, Parsons, Nordquist, and Craven. 2005

*WI Dairy Farm Ratio Benchmarking Tool (WisDRBT)
Compares dairy farm's financial status with +500 dairy farms in the State of Wisconsin. Data is from the AgFA (Agriculture Financial Advisor) database: 2000-2008. Calculates 15 Financial measures. REQUIRES: Excel 2007. (CLICK ONLINE TOOLS)

*Interpreting Financial Statements and Measures (IFSaM). Center for Farm Financial Management. This site was created to help producers understand how to interpret common financial statements. Learn how to use your financial statemetns in day-to-day managemetn of your farm management. Anyone with an internet connection can assess these videos.

*Dupont Analysis Tools


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