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AgFA Financial Benchmarks
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The Agriculture Financial Advisor (AgFA©) program has been designed to assist in the collection, analysis, and storage of financial data and certain farm profile information for all types of farms.

AgFA© allows for the use of profile data to create specific farm type benchmarks and provide information to assist farm managers in decision-making for improved profits and lifestyles.

AgFA© produces the following reports: Farm Earnings, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows and a Financial Analysis report which includes the rate of Return on Assets on both cost and fair market value basis. The program's reports include several accuracy checks and a labor analysis. AgFA© also has the capability of performing a variety of statistical analysis for research purposes.

*Access to AgFA Benchmark Reports

After 2013, the farm management associations contributing to the AgFA database, discontinued the practice of setting aside some of farmland’s market value.  This accounting change does not affect Net Farm Income, however, it affects financial performance measures that are used for asset values.
The Rate of Return on Assets, Rate of Return on Equity, Asset Turnover, and Debt to Asset ratios are lower than they would have been using the pre-2014 practice.  This change also increases calculated opportunity costs and thus total cost of production.


*Benchmark Glossary of Terms

*Example Benchmark Reports
- view some example reports from the AgFA website using different criteria: production, financial and technology.




Milk Price Information
To incorporate the current (2012) milk price information into your conputer's AgFA© data, you must 'SYNCH' the data with the UW server. IF you ran a report(s) on a farm prior to synchronizing, you must make a modification in that farm's data to obtain correct reports generated on a per Product Unit basis. (Even an entry of the number "1" in the "Dataset Description" and deleting it will cause the program to recalculate the per Product Unit reports.) Questions regarding this update should be directed to Jenny Vanderlin at (608) 263-7795.

For Price and Ordering Information Contact:

Center for Dairy Profitability
University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension
266 Animal Science Building
1675 Observatory Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53706



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