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Instructions for Downloading


January 2013

Important Notice

The process to obtain AgFA benchmark reports has changed 

Please see the following FAQ for details



AgFA Benchmarks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:           How do I get the standalone AgFA Benchmarks Module?
A:            Click here to download and install the standalone AgFA Benchmarks Module.

Q:           After installation, how do I launch the standalone AgFA Benchmarks Module?
A:            You’ll notice a new ‘AgFA Benchmarks Module’ shortcut on your desktop; all you need to do is “click” to launch it.

Q:           Will the standalone AgFA Benchmarks Module auto-update itself like the plugin?
A:            Yes, when you launch the Module, you may see a message indicating there are updates available, two clicks and the updates will be applied.

Q:           How do I uninstall the standalone AgFA Benchmarks Module?
A:            Navigate to the Windows Control Panel and select it for uninstall.

Q:          Will I need need Adobe Reader and/or Crystal Reports Viewer to view AgFA Benchmark reports
A:            Yes, one or both of these packages are still required.

Q:         Where can I go for additional info/help with AgFA Benchmark reports?
A:            Click here for additional help.


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