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Dairy Nutrition & Milk Quality
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Cows Grazing


*University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dairy Science Department
The Dairy Science Department at UW-Madison develops and disseminates knowledge relevant to efficient and profitable production of quality milk, thereby improving the dairy industry's ability to provide wholesome products to consumers in an economical, humane, and environmentally sound way.


*National Mastitis Council
Numerous articles references to University, scientific journals, government agencies, or the National Mastitis Council itself.


*UW-Milking Research & Instruction Laboratory - (UW-MRIL)
UW Milking Lab Site. Information on Milking Machines and Parlors, Robotic Milking, Dairy Energy Management and Stray Voltage.


*World's Best Milk Quality Website
The World's Best Milk Quality Website will provides useful and practical information important for the production of high quality milk. The mission of this website is to improve the quality of milk and enhance the profitability and competitiveness of the Wisconsin Dairy Industry in a global economy.


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