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With the goal of keeping Wisconsin's dairy industry competitive, the Center and affiliates have developed a number of tools to help improve production efficiency and profitability. The following is a list of available materials. If not otherwise stated, please contact the Center for Dairy Profitability for ordering and price information.

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bulletCOSTCWT.XLS : Spreadsheet for calculating the cost of producing milk per hundredweight equivalent.
bulletCOWVAL.XLS: Calculates how much you can afford to pay for a cow if she does not not add to overhead costs.
bulletCROPPROC.XLS: Crop Processor Partial budget analysis, with accompanying sensitivity tables.
bulletCREP.XLS: For evaluating the financial consequences of enrolling in Wisconsin's Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program. (See also: Wisconsin's Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program:  
bulletCULL.XLS: Culling Guide.  Determine when to cull a non-pregnant cow by calculating her contribution to fixed cost per day.  When her contribution to fixed costs becomes negative she should be culled.  This calculation requires knowing her current production (pounds per day), butterfat test, protein test and SCC.  Other pieces of information required are the base milk price and the feed, labour and miscellaneous costs per hundredweight.
bulletENTERBUD.XLS: Spreadsheet that allows you to spread costs between milk, raising heifers and up to 5 cropping enterprises.
bulletFSTMILKP.XLS:  After entering projected sales, investment costs, and production coefficients FSTMILKP.XLS analyses your "On Farm Milk Processing" plan. This decision aid produces both a profitability and cash flow analysis. Sensitivity analysis is presented in both tabular and formats. "You Can Make It, You Can Sell It, But Can You "Make It" Selling It?" (Examples and Instructions)
bulletOWNVSCUST.XLS: to help determine your forage harvesting costs vs. custom operator charges. "Evaluating the Custom Harvesting Decision: Pros & Cons"  includes Examples and Instructions.
bulletDairy Proforma Calculator : Program lets you look expansions, contractions, and/or changes in the way you do business. Enter the current year's values for your farm, then enter a change in cow numbers, investment in buildings, machinery, etc., production per cow, number of heifers kept, etc. Now check to see if your financial situation changes for the better, and how sensitive your new cash flow is to the changes in milk price, production per cow, corn price, protein price and/or hay price. Dairy Proforma Calculator Instructions
bulletRvR.XLS Allows you to balance your dairy cow rations between alfalfa, corn silage, and soil nutrients. Ration version Rotations (RvR.XLS) Instructions(4.2003)

bulletCost of Producing Milk per Hundredweight Equivalent Worksheet. Prepared by Gary Frank, Center for Dairy Profitability.
bulletCustom Rate Guide, 1998. Summarizes rates paid by farmers for custom work in 1998.
bulletDetermining a Strike Price for use when Hedging, Buying Options, Etc. Worksheet. Prepared by Gary Frank, Center for Dairy Profitability.
bulletEquivalent Purchase Price/Ton of Hay & Haylage at Various Moistures. Conversion chart to help determine he price of haylage/baylage at various moisture levels.  Developed by Mike Ballweg, Sheboygan County and Gary Frank, Center for Dairy Profitability.
bulletEquivalent Price/Ton of: High Moisture Ear Corn: Conversion table for converting wet ear corn to its dry corn price equivalent. Developed by Jeff Key, Winnebago County and Gary Frank, Center for Dairy Profitability.
bulletEquivalent Price/Ton of: High Moisture Shelled Corn: Conversion table for converting wet shelled corn to its dry corn price equivalent. Developed by Jeff Key, Winnebago County and Gary Frank, Center for Dairy Profitability.
bulletEstimating the Value of Standing Corn for Corn Silage: EXCEL Worksheet for calculating the value of corn silage. TDN Value adjustments included.
bulletMilk Marketing "Hedging Opportunity" Home Page. Hedging Opportunity Chart. This chart is updated on a daily basis, (Monday-Friday) after 3:30 PM CST. Prices can change on a daily basis and producers should regularly check the markets to keep informed of any potential opportunities. Chart and data prepared by Russell Kiecker, UW Area Ag Agent.
bullet Wisconsin's Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program: Provisions and Economic Implications for Wisconsin Farmers.  (See also: CREP.XLS:

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bullet FARM.DOC: Farm Decision Outreach Central: Improving farm decision-making under risk through education and research. A web site launched by the University of Illinois, Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics. Helps farmers with day-to-day decision-making, management and marketing decisions. Includes major categories of finance, marketing and outlook, management, law and taxation, crop insurance and more.
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