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With the goal of keeping Wisconsin's dairy industry competitive, the Center has developed a number software programs, spreadsheets and CD-ROMS to improve production efficiency and profitability. The following is a list of available materials. If not otherwise stated, please contact the Center for Dairy Profitability for ordering and price information (608) 263-5665. An invoice can be sent to your home address and you can return a check for the amount specified.

See also Decision Making Tools

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*Agricultural Accounting and Information Management System (AAIMS©)

NEW VERSION! 2014.1 is available.
Cost: (Farm Operators- New) $160.00 + shipping & handling; Updates from early versions of AAIMS© Cost: $60 + shipping and handling.

AAIMS© is an integrated financial records system that enables farmers to use a personal computer to organize and quickly analyze their financial records. The program allows for the concurrent storage of physical information associated with the financial data.

AAIMS© - 2014 Tax Information

New State Tax Withholding Rates (Effective 4/1/2014)

Download 2014 Tax File and place (save and replace) in the AAIMS subdirectory: "C:\ProgramData\cdp\aaims\TAXFILES"

NOTE: AAIMS users with version 2014, WILL need to download this new file for the new withholding rates starting 4.1.2014.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has released revised withholding tables effective with the first payrolls after April 1, 2014.  This may cause employees to see a decrease in their Wisconsin tax withholding starting with the April 1 paycheck. The new withholding tables are found in the Wisconsin Employer's Withholding Tax Guide (Publication W-166): The withholding table changes reflect the individual income tax rate cuts effective in tax year 2013, an additional proposed rate cut which would be effective in tax year 2014, as well as adjustments due to inflation. The last revision to Wisconsin's withholding tables took place in October 2009.

*Agriculture Financial Advisor (AgFA©)
AgFA© has been designed to assist in the collection, analysis, and storage of financial data and certain farm profile information from all types. The program allows for the use of profile data to create specific farm type benchmarks and provide other information to assist farm managers in decision-making for improved profits and lifestyles. Version 4.0 for Windows. Cost: Internet Client Version - $10, Professional Version - $150 + shipping & handling.


*SNAP-Plus (Wisconsin's Nutrient Management Software Package)
SNAP is an MS Windows based Nutrient Management Planning Softwared Programm designed for the preparation of nutrient management plans in accordance with Wisconsin's Nutrient Management Standard Code 590. NOTE: software is still in development. Contact Information:


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Continuing Education CD-ROMs

*Dairy Housing and Manure Management Alternatives
This CD includes dairy producer interviews, housing and manure photo albums, PowerPoints and Teaching Materials, WI dairy construction cost estimates, dairy resource links and more. $25.

*Low Cost Parlor Options
Features farmer parlor retrofit interviews and lectures, parlor papers and reprints, PowerPoint presentations, UW dairy construciton bid graphs, excel templates, web resources and more. $25.

*New Milking Center Start-Up
Includes resources to be used for starting a new milking center. Video tutorials help in the process of setting up a new center. Also offers methods of training for use of appropriate milking techniques. $25.

*Biogas 101
Highlights from the Biogas Symposium, Plover, WI. 4/4/02.

*Management is the Key to Controlling Johne's Disease
Features presentations from the Johne's Disease conference held in Appleton, WI on January 16, 2003. $25.

Software - Related Documentation

Agriculture Financial Record-Keeping Software
Complete list of agricultural accounting and record keeping software. Compiled by this list helps to locate and select the right agricultural software for on-farm and institutional. Note: The agricultural software industry is in a constant state of change; consequently, the data contained in this directory is also subject to change. More detailed and current information should be obtained directly from the software manufacturers.

*Comparing Dairy Herd Software
By John D. Rutherford, Jr. -- Cooperative Extension, College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State, Version 2, January 31, 2000. Publication "contains a discussion of stand-alone dairy herd management software & keys to some of the shorthand used to represent software capabilities."

Crop and Field Management Software
Comprehensive list of crop and field management software available for sale, download, or both.


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