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Mark Stephenson |Jenny Vanderlin

Kevin Bernhardt | Arlin Brannstrom | Gary Frank | Phil Harris | Dave Kammel | Joy Kirkpatrick | Tom Kriegl | Simon Jette-Nantel

Nancy Carlisle

Main Office: 608.263.5665

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"Better Planning, Better Decisions"


Kevin Bernhardt farmer w/ feed bag
Farm Management Specialist
716 Pioneer Tower
UW Platteville
Specialty: Risk Management
Appointment:50% Teaching (UW-Platteville); 25% Extension, 25% CDP

Arlin Brannstrom
Farm Management Specialist

285 Animal Science
Specialty: Farm Business Management
Expertise: Distance Education; Computer and Internet Applications Development
Appointment: 75 % Extension, 15 % Research, 10% Teaching

Gary Frank . Emeritus Professor
Center for Dairy Profitability
6386 Settlement Road
Gillett, WI 54124
Specialty: Agricultural Economics and Dairy

Phil Harris
Farm Law Specialist

Dept. of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Specialty: Farm Law
Expertise: Farm Management; farm law, including estate planning, income taxation, and property rights and responsilities.

Simon Jette-Nantel
Farm Management Specialist
102 RDI Building
UW River Falls
Specialty: Farm Mangement, Financial Analysis and Human Resource Management

Dave Kammel
Agricultural Engineering Specialist
232C Agricultural Engineering Building
Specialty: Agricultural Engineering
Expertise: Dairy Modernization Programs
Appointment: 78% Extension; 22% Research

Joy Kirkpatrick
Outreach Specialist
204 Taylor Hall
Specialty: Farm Business Arrangements, Heart of the Farm - Women in Agriculture

Tom Kriegl
Farm Financial Analyst
281 Animal Science
Specialty: Farm Financial Analysis, Grazing

Mark Stephenson
Director, Center for Dairy Profitability
202 Taylor Hall
Specialty: Dairy Markets & Policy
Programming: price outlook, marketing plans, value-added dairy, cost of processing, cost of milk hauling

Jenny Vanderlin
Assistant Director, CDP
203 Taylor Hall
Specialty: Farm Business Management
Expertise: Heart of the Farm - Women in Agriculture; Financial Analysis & Management Information Systems (AgFA, AAIMS, QUICKBOOKS, ABCS); Management Assessment Center; AgFA Costs of Production; Internet and Web Page Coordination & Development

Administrative Staff

Nancy Carlisle
Administrative Assistant
202 Taylor Hall



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