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*"Wisconsin Agricultural Land Prices, 2008-2013" / Arlin Brannstrom. University of Wisconsin, Center for Dairy Profitability. March 2013. up

*"This Thing Called Debt - A Value or Danger" / Kevin Bernhardt, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension, Center for Dairy Profitability and UW-Platteville, January 2014. Powerpoint version

*"Production Costs on Selected Wisconsin Grazing Farms," Tom Kriegl, University of Wisconsin, Center for Dairy Profitability.

*"Production Costs on Selected Wisconsin Organic Dairy Farms," Tom Kriegl, University of Wisconsin, Center for Dairy Profitability.



*AAIMS© (Agricultural Accounting and Information Management System) Current Version: 2014

AAIMS© - 2014 Tax Information

New State Tax Withholding Rates (Effective 4/1/2014)

Download 2014 Tax File and place (save and replace) in the AAIMS subdirectory: "C:\ProgramData\cdp\aaims\TAXFILES"

NOTE: AAIMS users with version 2014, WILL need to download this new file for the new withholding rates starting 4.1.2014.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has released revised withholding tables effective with the first payrolls after April 1, 2014.  This may cause employees to see a decrease in their Wisconsin tax withholding starting with the April 1 paycheck. The new withholding tables are found in the Wisconsin Employer's Withholding Tax Guide (Publication W-166):  http://www.dor.state.wi.us/pubs/pb166.pdf. The withholding table changes reflect the individual income tax rate cuts effective in tax year 2013, an additional proposed rate cut which would be effective in tax year 2014, as well as adjustments due to inflation. The last revision to Wisconsin's withholding tables took place in October 2009.


TO ORDER: Please Call -- 608-263-5665.

COST: New Farm Operators: $160.00 + Shipping/Handling + Tax. Update from previous version: $60.00 + S/H + tax. Please call: 608-263-5665.


*AgFA ©

AgFA© Subscribers: Milk Price Information: to incorporate the current (2013) milk price information into your computer's AgFA© data, you must "SYNCH" the data with the UW/CDP's server. IF you have run a report(s) on a farm prior to syncrhonizing, you must make a modification in that farm's data to obtains correct reports generation ona per Product Unit Basis. Questions? Please contact: Jenny Vanderlin, 608.263.7795, jmvander@wisc.edu

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