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*AAIMS© (Agricultural Accounting and Information Management System) Current Version: 2016.01


AAIMS© - 2016 Tax Information

New State Tax Withholding Rates (Effective 12/30/15)


CURRENT USERS: $33.00 + S/H + Tax (5.5%) = $42.73

*(after February 29th, price goes up to $77.54)


The update will have the 2016 tax file as well as the following upgrades:

  1. The “Account Reconciliation” report now includes a list of all un-cleared transactions.
  2. Pay an Accounts Payable with another Accounts Payable (Credit Card)
  3. Colour Code Accounts: Income (Green); Expenses (Red)
  4. Edit Payee/Payer names in "Tools/Edit Payee/Payer List
    • AAIMS will now update Payee/Payer names, but only in ”Tools/Edit Payee/Payer list”.   Once a payee/payer name has been changed  (example: Jones Mill change to Jones Mill, LLC), the new name is saved to the list and all the Transactions that had the old name are updated to the new name.
  5. AAIMS compares tax files with the transaction’s year. If the tax file-year is not present AAIMS automatically downloads the needed tax file-year from our server (this will occur for 2017)
  6. Resizer kit applied to AAIMS all screens.
  7. Online Bank Transactions: Ability to read both checking and credit card bank files in any OFX (Open Financial Exchange) format. 

COST: New Users of AAIMS: $166.00 + Shipping/Handling + Tax (5.5%) = $188.04

TO ORDER: Please call: 608-263-5665

*AgFA ©

AgFA© Subscribers: Milk Price Information: to incorporate the current (2016) milk price information into your computer's AgFA© data, you must "SYNCH" the data with the UW/CDP's server. IF you have run a report(s) on a farm prior to syncrhonizing, you must make a modification in that farm's data to obtains correct reports generation ona per Product Unit Basis. Questions? Please contact: Jenny Vanderlin, 608.263.7795, jmvander@wisc.edu

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