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Crop and Field Management Software
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*AgInfo GIS
We're now integrated with Microsoft® Excel and have included some common precision farming file import/export formats. We even have a web page export for your reports.
Now, correlations and forecasting have never been easier! Use Excel to create your own crop or economic models, customized reports, and layer statistics. Enter your models back into AgInfo and you're back to a simple to use, operational precision farming package.

AgLink represents the state-of-the-art in agricultural Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Built with new and innovative tools from Microsoft® and ESRI™, AgLink is a full 32-bit software product that is designed to run in the Windows® 95 or NT environments. Like most mapping programs, AgLink is designed to handle the spatial record-keeping needs of modern day agriculture: such as fertility records, variable-rate fertilizer and seed applications, yield mapping, multi-layer analysis, profit mapping and more.

*Ag Pages Directory – Computer Stuff
This page contains numerous agricultural software programs and websites for a variety of specific purposes.

*AgTrace Crop Module Software
Our clients are farmers, agronomists and agriculture retailers. Agri-Trend does NOT sell crop inputs. We are professional agricultural consultants that apply science to help farmers succeed. Our expertise lies in soil chemistry, plant physiology, crop nutrition and environmental sustainability. We provide strategic crop, manure and business planning services to farmers.

*Cornell Cropware
The Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS) software enables the user to develop progressive animal nutrition plans to maximize nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency across the herd by reducing both nutrient inputs associated with purchased feeds and nutrient excretion from livestock. Cornell Cropware enables the user to allocate manure and fertilizer nutrients based on soil type, crop requirement and environmental risk indices.

*EASi Suite 2004
How many reasons do you have for the need to keep accurate crop records on your farm? Are you looking for crop recordkeeping software to minimize the environmental risk on your farm, meet regulatory requirements and at the same time manage your crop enterprise for maximum profitability? We have designed EASi Suite to meet all of these needs and more.

*FarmAssist 6.1
Quickly and easily track crop inputs, chemical and fertilizer applications, weather conditions, disease and pest information, yield projections and more. Track and record key information to help determine the best growing solutions. Make smart decisions to ensure peace of mind in future seasons.

FarmLogic is an easy-to-setup, easy-to-se, web-based farm record keeping systems that wallwo you to record dataon the move through the FarmPAD (Personal Ag Device) software, onto a rugged Nomad handheld unit. Your farm information automatically transfers from FarmPAD to your secure farm information center - on the web. Acess your farm information from any online computer, anytime, anywher. FarmLogic collects and documents yoru information and field maps, then generatos the reports you need to run yoru operation.

*Farm Trac
Farm Trac is a crop record keeping package written for Microsoft Windows. Designed with the farmer in mind, Farm Trac lets you draw and farm your fields, keep automatic notations for field history and chemical usage, apply direct costs to each field, and plan future farming operations.

*FarmView Record Keeper
The FarmView Record Keeper is a crop production record keeping, planning and management information system for farm managers and agribusinesses. Map viewing and printing of farm field and farm management areas boundaries over an air photo image are included via the browsing, viewing and printing capabilities of the LandView Map Viewer.

*Field Doc
Field Doc is the data collection system that makes crop record keeping easy. Field Doc can be utilized into year round farm management practices. Build on Harvest Doc data collected or GreenStar Yield Mapping information, by documenting seed rate changes and fertilizer applications. Track cultivation or chemical applications, then, utilize all data collected to prepare for the next growing season.

*Field Manager
Features: Environment Information: Wind, Moisture, Soil Texture, Comments - General & Classified, Worker safety options, Costing, Popup Calculator and Calendar, Multiple Crops per year, Chemical applications, Fertilizer applications, Soil test records

*Field Track
The 'Field Track' range of software offers powerful, cost effective and professionally supported arable crop recording written by a working farmer. We pride ourselves in offering an unequaled quality of product development and service.

WinCrop, Crop Records for Windows is a crop production record keeping system for farm managers. It is a powerful tool for crop production planning and for managing historical records. Farm field sketches are included using MS Windows Paint and bit map (*.bmp) images can be imported for visual reference.


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