FarmBench is a farm business financial management application.  Farm agents and farm owners can enter key pieces of financial data (assets (amounts and values), liabilities, income, expenses, etc.) and then view, print and save financial statements and benchmark (comparative analytic) reports as PDFs.

There are two user categories of FarmBench: 1) contributing users with write access (organization managers, farm agents, farm owners), who contribute financial data into the application and have access to reports, and 2) non-contributing users (i.e., registered and visitor), who have various access to reports.  In addition, there is an administrator component to the application.

The primary goals of FARMBENCH are to generate: 1) standard financial reports such as Balance Sheets, Income Statements, etc., and, 2) benchmark (comparative analytic) reports.

Join FarmBench now to obtain the financial position and performance for a farm profile, trend a farm profile, or benchmark among various farm profiles.