Dairy Proforma Calculator

Program lets you look at expansions, contractions, and/or changes in the way you do business. Enter the current year’s values for your farm, then enter a change in cow numbers, investment in buildings, machinery, etc., production per cow, number of heifers kept, etc. Now check to see if your financial situation changes for the better, and how sensitive your new cash flow is to the changes in milk price, production per cow, corn price, protein price and/or hay price.

Dairy Proforma Calculator

Dairy Proforma Calculator Instructions


Dupont Analysis Tools

   Dupont Financial Analysis — Easy Calculator

A spreadsheet to enter a farm’s Balance Sheet and Income Statement information for one year, calculate the Leverage Ratio and Equity Multiplier and enters all values into a DuPont comparison table with user chosen comparables.

Blank Dupont Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet to enter a farm’s Balance Sheet and Income Statement data, calculate the DuPont financial measures and compare three years performance to one another.

Dupont Analysis Template 

A step by step organizing guide to analyzing DuPont data and reporting on the same in written form.

Dairy Enterprise Planning Budgets

These documents will help you to construct enterprise and cash flow budgets for dairy. This budget package is intended to help decision makers assess the profitability and financial feasibility of dairy operations under various price and cost conditions.

Dairy Enterprise Planning Budget, May 2019 

   Dairy Enterprise Budget ( Instructions) – May 2019 / Kevin Bernhardt

   Enterprise Budging Presentation – May 2019 / Kevin Bernhardt