Cost of Production

Wisconsin Calculated Milk Cost of Production

Ken Bolton, UW-Extension, Center for Dairy Profitability






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February 2005. (NOTE: There is a new feature in AgFA Benchmarks which allows you to obtain a 3-year report with only those farms that have data in all years selected. Currently there are 33 farms entered for 2004 that all have data in 2003 and 2002).


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Grazing and Organic


Jones, Bruce L. University of Wisconsin, Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics. September 2006.

Prepared by Tom Kriegl, UW-Madison Center for Dairy Profitability and Ruth McNair, UW-Madison Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems. Report was funded in part by a USDA-CSREES grant to CIAS and was published following a joint effort between CDP and CIAS. June 2006


Tom Kriegl and Gary Frank, November 2005.

An excerpt from the report “Pastures of Plenty: Financial Performance of Wisconsin Grazing Dairy Farms,” funded by a USDA-CSREES grant to CIAS. February 2005.

Business Arrangements & Farm Transfers

Business Arrangements & Farm Transfers is one of the modules in the AgVentures management education series. In this workshop you will learn about farm transfer, family and non-family business arrangements. The components of the workshop will include consideration of the people involved, tax consequences and the financial situation on the farm. With these considerations in mind, you will learn about a step-by-step process that will move you into understanding farm business arrangements. When you have completed the workshop you will be on your way to putting a plan together for transferring your farm or growing your business by bringing in other people.

Farm Financial Management & Analysis

   Farming Your Finances (2018)

A two-day workshop for understanding an agriculture business designed for farm women and men who are interested in improving their farm financial management skills, part of the fabric of farm life and the farm business.

   Center for Farm Financial Management (CFFM) – University of Minnesota

The Center for Farm Financial Management’s purpose is to develop educational tools for farmers, agricultural lenders and educators that apply the principles and concepts of farm planning, financing and analysis in a practical manner. The website describes their software FINPACK, DairyCHAMP, PLANETOR, MAP and others.

   Interpreting Financial Statements and Measures (IFSaM) – Center for Farm Financial Management

This site was created to help producers understand how to interpret common financial statements. Learn how to use your financial statements in day-to-day management of your farm management. Anyone with an internet connection can assess these videos.

   Farm Financial Standards Council (FFSC)

Farm Financial Standards Council (FFSC) provides information concerning the FFSC and it’s mission. The website offers downloadable software that illustrates basic concepts of the financial guidelines for agricultural producers.

   Building a Vision: Financial Management and Strategic Planning

Building a Vision provides agricultural producers with a working knowledge of finance and strategic planning to help improve their ability to reach desired personal and business goals. Producers will increase their understanding of profitability, cash flow, and other financial measures used in the industry. There is ample discussion on how financial issues influence the decision making process in their business.

Dairy Proforma Calculator

Program lets you look at expansions, contractions, and/or changes in the way you do business. Enter the current year’s values for your farm, then enter a change in cow numbers, investment in buildings, machinery, etc., production per cow, number of heifers kept, etc. Now check to see if your financial situation changes for the better, and how sensitive your new cash flow is to the changes in milk price, production per cow, corn price, protein price and/or hay price.

Dairy Proforma Calculator

Dairy Proforma Calculator Instructions