Production Tools

Production Tools – Spreadsheets

   AmountFeedALL4 (Estimating Dairy Cow Feed Consumption and Cost)

This spreadsheet is designed to assist those who are interested in determining feed amounts to support the dairy enterprise and a corresponding cost per hundredweight (CWT) of milk produced.


Spreadsheet for calculating Corn Silage Adjusted Dry Matter Pricing. Gregg Hadley, Center for Dairy Profitability. [NOTE: To adjust the spreadsheet to the typical corn silage dry matter percentage in your region, please enter that dry matter percentage in cell B4 of the spreadsheet].

   COP Milk

The cost of production (COP) is the costs associated with production divided by the number of units produced. This worksheet looks at three methods (per unit sold, residual claimant, equivalent production) commonly used to calculate the cost of production. Developed by Dr. Gary Frank, Emeritus Professor, Center for Dairy Profitability.

   Equivalent Price/Ton of: High Moisture Ear Corn

Conversion table for converting wet ear corn to its dry corn price equivalent. (Updated: Nick Schneider).

   Equivalent Price/Ton of: High Moisture Shelled Corn

Conversion table for converting wet shelled corn to its dry corn price equivalent. (Updated Nick Schneider).

   Estimating the Value of Standing Corn for Corn Silage

EXCEL Worksheet for calculating the value of corn silage. TDN Value adjustments included.

   Forage Land-Base Calculator

The “Forage Land Base Calculator” is an Excel spreadsheet that can help evaluate change in forage acres (either alfalfa, corn silage, or both) as a result of a change in any one or more of the following factors – forage yield; dairy herd expansion or reduction; custom raising heifers; higher or lower alfalfa/corn silage feeding ratio; and, change in harvest, storage or feeding losses. The first worksheet is the computerized spreadsheet which will do all calculations for you. The second worksheet (located directly behind the computer spreadsheet) can be printed and used as a hand-held worksheet on the farm. Both the spreadsheet and hand-held worksheet contain step-by-step directions. Developed by Greg Blonde, Associate Professor UW-Extension, Waupaca Co., WI June 2000


Allows you to balance your dairy cow rations between alfalfa, corn silage, and soil nutrients.

   TMR Mixer Cost

Cost Analysis of TMR Mixer. (How-To Documentation)