Cash Flow Budgeting

The Cash Flow suite of materials includes presentation materials, case study and the cash flow budget tool itself.  As with many spreadsheet tools, there are tradeoffs between user friendliness, accuracy and depth.   This Cash Flow Budget tool is more involved than many cash flow spreadsheets in that there is more specificity in planning marketing of products, estimating marketing costs, analyzing debt repayment and sensitivity analysis. 

Following is information for the instructor including:

Instructors Materials Only
1. “Cash Flow Budgeting – Teacher’s Manual.pdf” 

Presentation/Workshop Materials
1. “Cash Flow Budgeting – Explained.doc”
2. “Cash Flow Budgeting – Explained.ppt”
      a. The word and PowerPoint file complement each other and are an          explanation of the purpose, value and structure of cash flows. The intended use is for both learners and instructors. These could be a self-learning set of materials.

Case Study Materials
1. “Cash Flow Budgeting – Case Study KEY.xls” [for instructors]
          a. Complete answers of the case study.
2. “Cash Flow Budgeting – Case Study STUDENT.xls”
          a. Spreadsheet that the student would use in completing the case study.
3. “Cash Flow Budgeting – Case Study.ppt” (PowerPoint presentation)
          a. Each slide is information or directions for participants working           their way through the case study.

End-Use Materials
1. “Monthly Cash Flow.xls”
2. “Quarterly Cash Flow.xls”

Partial Budgeting 

   Partial Budget

   Partial Budget Case Study

   Partial Budgeting Presentation

Dairy Enterprise Planning Budgets

These documents will help you to construct enterprise and cash flow budgets for dairy. This budget package is intended to help decision makers assess the profitability and financial feasibility of dairy operations under various price and cost conditions.

 Dairy Enterprise Planning Budget – May 2019 

 Dairy Enterprise Budget (Instructions) – May 2019 / Kevin Bernhardt

 Enterprise Budging Presentation – May 2019 / Kevin Bernhardt